Ashley and Jeff had an intimate wedding at Barr Mansion, one of my favorite venues in Austin not only because of its beautiful grounds and architecture but also because of their commitment to being environmentally friendly.  Enjoy the photos and read the couple’s love story below. Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-1Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-2Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-3Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-4Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-5Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-6Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-7Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-8Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-9Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-10Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-11Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-12Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-13Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-14Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-15Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-16Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-17Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-18Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-19Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-20Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-21Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-22Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-23Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-24Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-25Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-26Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-27Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-28Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-29Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-30Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-31Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-32Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-33Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-34Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-35Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-36Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-37Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-38Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-39Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-40Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-41Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-42Barr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-43

How and when did you two meet?

We met through online dating – apparently we both “swiped right”.   Everyone likes to make fun of it but really all the sites are the same, you get what you put into it 🙂 We communicated via text nearly non-stop for about a week before our first date. We went on our first date on 10/12/13, our second date less than 24 hours after that, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

What made you fall for each other? 

Jeff: I was immediately struck by Ashley’s natural beauty, but what made me fall for her, without a doubt, was her sense of humor and brash personality.  We had an instant connection, and honestly talked non-stop for nearly a week before finding time in our schedules for a date.  From the moment she walked up ( late, of course ) I was hooked. I knew 5 minutes into our first date that she was the one.

Ashley: When we first met, I knew right away Jeff was a different kind of man & I wanted him in my life. He is smart, sensitive, caring & can always make me laugh – what else could a girl want? Oh and did I mention how handsome he is?!?! 🙂 We instantly connected & continue to grow with each other daily.

How did he propose?

Well it’s actually a funny story – We are both competitive athletes; I am a runner, but Jeff really dislikes running. So when Jeff started tagging along on my races at the beginning of the year, it struck me as a little odd.

Jeff’s story:  I had begun planning the proposal about 6 months prior, and trying to keep everything a secret from Ashley was nearly impossible.  I wanted the proposal to be unique, and be something Ashley would never see coming, and never forget.  Knowing how important competing in running events was to Ashley, I planned the proposal to take place during one of her races.  I began entering races with her so  when that particular race came up, she wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary.

I coordinated with Ashley’s friends and family to be at the corner of Skillman Ave & Lovers Lane during the Dash Down Greenville 5k.  The race route would take us right through that intersection at mile two & there was a beautiful flowerbed on the corner under the Lovers Lane sign.  I also hired a photographer to  secretly capture the moment.  Getting her to stop mid-race was going to be the tough part.

Back to Ashley:  Even though Jeff said we were going to run this race slow, when that start horn blasted, I took off running like usual, weevin & sweevin through the crowd.  Jeff kept telling me to slow down, and as much as I loved him – he was killing my time! So when he started “cramping” and needed to stop to catch his breath around mile two, I of course, was busting his chops!  As we ran to the side I saw one of my friends – I assumed she was there for the race & St. Patricks Day parade that follows. I didn’t even notice Jeff drop down to one knee as I started to run right past him to say hi to my friend.  Jeff reached over and picked me up by the waist and sat me down in front of him. I said, “What are you doing” then looked into his eyes and knew – all I could say was “ooooh” – after that its kind of a blur – I said yes, kissed him then he said “don’t you want to see your ring?”  He then slid the most beautiful ring ever on my finger! By then all my friends were around us. He had everything planned perfectly, and now when we run the Dash Down Greenville 5k each year, we stop under the Lovers Lane sign for an anniversary picture.

How did the event unfold?

August 27th – Woke up, went to breakfast & started getting ready for the day – seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. Next thing I know Lauren Garcia is standing in my hotel room doing my Hair and makeup. It seemed like from then on someone hit the fast forward button. I was excited, anxious, nervous – slightly emotional (very abnormal for me!) but most of all couldn’t wait to say “I do” to my fiancé! We arrived at Barr Mansion, dressed and began taking our photos on the grounds. Svetlana Frolova was our amazing photographer – she knew how important pictures were to me. She captured all of our wedding party as well as the decorative details! Soon the string trio was playing, and we were cued in for our walk down the aisle – everyone looked so beautiful; each of my bridesmaids picked their own dress from Bella Bridesmaids in Dallas, TX – they all were stunning. My father walked me down the aisle to Jeff, where I saw that smile I fell in love with, I was very giggly! We said our “I do’s” & Jeff kissed his Bride! We had a cocktail hour following the ceremony; I made each of the centerpieces for the cocktail hour tables. Jeff & I have a shared love of sports and he especially with baseball.  I designed our centerpieces in tribute to his favorite pastime. Rustic baskets filled with shelled peanuts & baseball accents. On each baseball I wrote a fun fact or special date to share with our guests. From cocktails we entered the Artisan Ballroom where we had the most delicious dinner ever; all organic & locally grown of course, followed by dancing and mingling with our guests! We ended the evening with a sparkler send off & drove away in our getaway car, a red Mercedes SL500. Our party favors were His & Hers chocolates – a Key Lime Pie Baseball for his & a spicy Ancho Chili Dark chocolate, Purple Heart for hers – Gift box labels reflect the beautiful pecan tree tree we had our ceremony under.

Do you have any tips for couples planning their wedding? 

Do what YOU want – not what your friends, family or society expects, make it your own & you’ll be happy with the end result! Thats what we did & we wouldn’t change a thing!


Ceremony and Reception: Barr Mansion | Cake and Catering: Barr Mansion | Rings: Tacori | Dress: Designer: Katie May, Bridal Shop: Serendipity Bridal | Shoes: INC, Macy’s | Photography: Svetlana Photography | Florist: STEMS Floral | DJ: Look No Further Entertainment | Officiant: Sarah Reed | Hair & Makeup – Pearl Hair & Makeup Studio, Lauren Garcia | Party Favors: His & Hers Chocolates – Chocolate Secrets, Dallas, TX  | Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music: Monte Vista Strings & Jazz